Our hard work in the education sector has given us this great honour of becoming an Authorised Cambridge English Open Centre in Cyprus this year. In this short space of time we are already working with some of the finest presenters and partners in the country and internationally helping in the implementation and support of the English Language and Cambridge English examination programmes. At CyEducation centre, we aim to uphold our vision, purpose and principles and at the same time being the best professionals we can be.

Our continued success depends on each of us upholding our vision and the purpose of our work. It also requires that we help to ensure that everyone at CyEducation centre knows how these apply to our work. We want our customers, students, colleagues and partners to know that we do what we say, and we say what we mean. This reputation, which is based on two decades of experience in the teaching and examinations fields, our passion for education and our aim not to lose sight of our promises, is what will set us apart. It is the foundation of our organisation.

We can help you set up your very own Teaching Programme and have the opportunity of becoming a Cambridge English Preparation Centre in your own right, as well as prepare your own students for a Cambridge Certification with our support and guidance.

Prepare Today for a Greater Tomorrow

We will offer them regular face-to-face meetings, seminar and workshops, so that we can inform, explain and persuade them to register their students with the Cambridge Examinations for the reasons listed below:

Excellence in education
Internationally recognised qualifications
Developing successful learners
Developing successful learners
Progressive & flexible programmes
Comprehensive support for the institutes

Cy Education Centre conducts trainings for most of Cambridge programs. The direct affiliation for all the participants will enable the students to get a certificate from one of the best Recognised Universities around the world. As an Authorised Centre we accept candidates from any source – either language schools or individual candidates where they could register through our Centre. Paying extra attention to detail, we organise the examinations in carefully selected places (hotels, conference venues, Educational centres etc.) and with experienced collaborators, resulting in the smooth running of both written and spoken exams. Our centre provides a unique opportunity to all teachers in Cyprus in becoming fully educated for the Cambridge exams.

Cambridge exams take YOU to the next level:

The students will develop real-life skills
Exams for a range of levels & uses
Accepted for work, immigration & study globally
Fully supported by a range of learning and teaching resources
International & available worldwide
Secure, reliable & fair
Backed by world-class research
More than 20000 organisations worldwide recognise Cambridge Exams
By following one of the Cambridge courses, students will improve their general level of English across the four essential language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing and develop their fluency through discussion about various topics. In addition, they continue to perfect their grammar, broaden their vocabulary and improve their punctuation.

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